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Gardener's Bar Review - March 5, 2023

Hi hi,

I live in Alberta and bought some of your soap while driving through BC. I love natural soap and when I see a type of soap I haven’t seen before. (I bought 13 bars during the 3 weeks I was in BC!) 

I just used the Gardener’s Soap in the shower on my whole body and I have never felt this clean and exfoliated in my life! My skin is soft this soap didn’t dry me out! 10/10 would recommend to a friend! 

Chelsea Godschild

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New for spring 2022!

What better harbinger of the first scents of spring but the lovely aroma of lilac?  This great new addition will be ready in time for Mother's Day.  What better way to say "Happy Spring".

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Great Customer Feedback

"We recently passed through Kaslo and I picked up a bar of the best soap I’ve ever used.   In 60+ years I’ve searched for the perfect bar that lathers, smells great and makes my skin feel super clean.    The label on the soap is ‘Havana Perfecto’"

Blake Eves

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