Handmade, Natural Luxury Soaps & Body Products

An Introduction

Back Dirt Road Luxury Soap & Products operates out of my backyard shop in the picturesque village of Kaslo in the West Kootenays of B.C., and now also in Campbell River. 

My partner Dale contributes all his handyman skills to making what I do easier and more efficient. He’s also the wonderful photographer and my all round champion. As we’ve expanded the business we rely on each other’s strengths to make a better company.

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Environmental Statement

In all aspects of business, BDR addresses the question of how to make the least environmental impact possible.

Supplies are ordered in bulk, almost 100% of the packaging materials from the supplies ordered, boxes, packing chips, etc. are reused for shipping orders. We recycle.

Our philosophy is to create as close to a natural product as is possible, while keeping the product affordable and with a reasonable shelf life. Natural colourants are used for the soap, chlorophyll, herbs, micas, etc. Soap packaging is kept to a minimum, not boxed or shrink-wrapped, just a simple label to identify the scent.

The Hemp Shampoo Bar is a great environmental idea as it can save the equivalent of 2-300 ml shampoo bottles, and there's no bottles to throw away!

When ordering supplies, we try to keep things as close to home as possible. The wooden racks used for display are made by the lovely men from the “Kootenay Men’s Woodworking Group” in Castlegar B.C. The wood is local, milled by the men, and offered at a reasonable price. They take great pride in their work. We love to work with people who have such great integrity.

During the manufacturing of the soap, nothing is wasted. We are always trying to come up with innovative ways of using the scraps of soap. From offering a “soap saver bag” which soap scraps can be put into in order to use them, to donating “seconds” to the local food bank.

If you are in Canada or USA, you may place an order using our shopping cart and we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange for payment and shipping.

Our online store is now up and running, complete with secure online payment options.

Back Dirt Road Luxury Soaps and Body Products is a owned and operated by Marianne Johnston.  Please contact me via this website or at bdrsoap@gmail.com.



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