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Hemp Shampoo Bar  It's Eco-Friendly!

Hemp Shampoo Bar It's Eco-Friendly!

Think of the packaging saved without using plastic bottles. Takes a little getting used to lathering a bar to shampoo your hair, but it works great!

Made with hemp oil – moisturizing for your hair and rhassoul clay for volume and lather. Blend of essential oils good for your hair – 100% natural.

I have had great feedback from fellas who like it for shaving, and of course it’s very handy for traveling too since it WON’T get confiscated on an airline like bottled shampoos.


"Just tried the shampoo bar . My hair is naturally curly and can tend to frizz without lots of hair goo . After my hair dried I had soft curls . Good product ."

Lynda Rolfe, New Denver B.C.

April 20, 2016


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