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Virtual Vacation
Virtual Vacation
Virtual Vacation Virtual Vacation

Virtual Vacation

Missing your winter/spring vacation getaway? Close your eyes and go on a virtual scent vacation.
Save 10% on this collection of fabulous bars.
Coco Beach - sweet, cocoa butter goodness
Sensuous Sandalwood - exotic, earthy blend
Monte Verde - mountain cloud forest walk
Lingonberry - a species of Arctic Cranberry, tart, sweet with a bit of spice
Havana Perfecto - the earthy scent of a tobacco plantation
Mountain Birch - fresh, outdoorsy
Deja Vu - Have I been here before?
Marrakesh - The blend of spices in the market in Morroco
Deep Water - fresh and bracing
Cacutus Flower - sweet and gentle desert breeze
Coconut Lemongrass - memories of Thailand
Blue Lotus Spa Bar - exfoliating
12 CURATED BARS - $75.60
Portrait photo credit to: Jessica Felicio


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